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Camping was wonderful. Slow, relaxing, beautiful beaches, river, scenery.... we read, did crosswords, played games, went for walks and swims, ate, chatted, slept, cooked, ate, drank wine, we even baked some camp oven loaves. Mine had pretty dark crusts, others managed to get perfect crusts. All the loaves were entirely wonderful inside and enjoyed by all. 

So now I'm back! You may notice a greater range per day than last year. That's because I'll be doing some 48 hour proving: mixing a batch on Tuesday and refrigerating half of it to shape on Wednesday and bake on Thursday (the other half gets shaped on Tuesday, baked on Wednesday).  I'll see how it goes - it's another little tweak which could be better for you and me.

Ideas of other treats to entice curious hungry palates are bubbling along... I'm pretty excited to be thinking outside the bread-box - so watch this space and the bakery counter for sweets and savouries to eat at the bakery or at home.

As well as the preserves, coffee beans, biscuits and pantry supplies I'm looking to sell utilitarian artisan products in the shop and eventually on line - beautiful hand made things which serve a purpose in households. If you know anyone who crafts useful things perhaps you could put them in touch with me. Isabel's T-towels are a lovely example: hand printed on quality linen.

Workshops were a huge success over the Christmas/New Year break. The three I've held so far have been well received and a pleasure to deliver. Have a look at the workshop page and book one for yourself, a gift for another or even a gift voucher for an undecided date.]]>